Grow Your Men And Your Church Will Grow 4/7/2014

with David Murrow

Men's Bible Fellowship Presents:   "Grow Your Men and Your Church Will Grow" workshop with New York Times Best Selling Author, David Murrow.  David is author of the immensely popular book "Why Men Hate Going To Church". 

Date:  Monday, April 7th 8:30am - 12noon

Where:  Geyer Springs Baptist Church - Little Rock, Arkansas

Admission:  $25 per person*

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Grow Your Men || And Your Church Will Grow Workshop Details

Reach men and you have a 90% chance of reaching the entire family.  Develop men and you invigorate your church with untapped passion, purpose and growth.  It's no secret that attendance of men in Christian churches continue down the spiral of decline.  Desperate to cling to the majority female congregation - a church soon becomes feminized and unappealing to men.  It's a self-defeating cycle.  David Murrow offers practical teaching, tips and spiritual principles to guide pastors and men's ministry leaders on how to grow their men, and in turn, grow their church.

Register for the church-transforming workshop to be held Monday, April 7th, 2014 from 8:30am - 12noon at Geyer Springs Baptist Church in Little Rock, Arkansas.  *Pastors may bring one men's ministry layperson for free - with their regular paid admission.  In addition, David Murrow is providing a free "Why Men Hate Going To Church" DVD for workshop attendees ($19.95 value).


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Here Is What You'll Learn:

    Session 1 - "Why Men Hate Going To Church"

    Session 2 - "Ten Ways To Man-Up Your Church, Without Scaring The Women Away"

    Session 3 - "How To Teach So Men Will Remember"

    Session 4 - "How Churches Feminize Over Time"

Through These Sessions You'll Learn:

     Why men avoid church

     How to teach for the male brain

     Why men's ministry isn't the answer

     How to create a boy-friendly Sunday school

     How to turn pew sitters into disciples

     How to be masculine - not macho

     How to keep teen boys in youth group

     How men worship

     What young men want in a church

     Ten ways to man-up your church

Register right away.  Seating in limited.  David Murrow and is not affiliated with Men's Bible Fellowship International.  If you have any questions contact event organizer:  Brad Finkbeiner, Founder / Executive Director of Men's Bible Fellowship International.